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Good News (from the 1st Quarter 2018 Newsletter)




From: Thomas M.
Federal Correctional
Estill, South Carolina

Dear Sister Sharon,

It is my hope and prayer that this letter finds you all at Christian Ambassadors well and blessed.
I want to express my appreciation to you for the encouraging letters and “Spiritual Growth Lessons” that you have provided to me throughout the last 5 years of this incarceration.  I do pray that the Lord will reward you abundantly.

This last lesson, “Recidivism – A Revolving Door” really touched me, as I am to be released in less than 2 months, December 13, 2017.  Praise God!

Just like the brother or sister who wrote you in the letter, I too am sick of being in and out of jails and prisons.  I’m even more sick of falling into the enemy’s traps, and your lesson has reminded me that there will be traps, but my Lord and Savior has made it possible to overcome them.

I humbly ask that you and all of my brothers and sisters of Christian Ambassadors, would please keep me in your prayers, asking the Father to give me wisdom and strength to overcome sin and temptation, and to help me to live a life of obedience to Him on the other side of these walls and fences.

Your ministry is a blessing and I praise God for you!  Thanks for your time and prayers.  May our Father richly bless you all.

In our Savior’s Love, Thomas


From: Jeffrey M.
Wallens Ridge State Prison
Big Stone Gap, Virginia

Dear Alan and Sharon,

It has been awhile since I’ve written to you, my fellow Christian Ambassadors! 

In a separate envelope, please find a money order that I’ve sent to help cover my tithe and offering for the year.  I usually send postage stamps, but I figured you could use some money to help buy paper and envelopes. 

I pray for your ministry often as your mailing list continues to grow!  Several of us that I know, really look forward to “My Brother’s Keeper” and your letters with the “Spiritual Growth Lessons”!

Keep up the good fight soldiers!  To hear King Jesus, say, “Well Done…” will make it all worth it!  See: Acts 20:24 (NKJV)

Until next time,

God Bless you! Jeffro


From: Jason W.
Five Points Correctional
Romulus, New York

Dear Sharon,

I got a peek at your newsletter, “My Brother’s Keeper”, and loved it!  It was easy to read, understand, and had a powerful message.

I would like to be put on your mailing list to receive your publication.  Keep up the good work of the Lord.  Thank you.

God Bless! Jason


From: John T.
RJ Donovan State Prison
San Diego, California

Dear Alan and Sharon,

Greetings from our blessed Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Peace I leave you as He gives it to me.

I got your publication [My Brother’s Keeper,
4th Quarter, 2017] and I was surprised to see I [my testimony] was in there.

I love your publication, all the people sharing, etc.  I found the article, “What Choice Do I have?” by Alan Griffee, to be especially enlightening.  Keep up with the essays, etc. on Christ’s love for us.

Take care and I’ll be looking forward to the new year and new publications.

Love, John


From: Alexander G.
TDCJ, Larry Gist Unit
Beaumont, Texas

Dear Brother, Alan Griffee,

Hi, how are you doing?  I hope and pray this letter finds that you and Sharon are in very good health in Jesus’ name.  The same goes with everyone who is there at Christian Ambassadors, Inc.  As for me, well, I’m doing just fine thanks to God.

I’m writing to thank you for “My Brother’s Keeper”, Volume 22, number 4.  I really liked and enjoyed Alan’s piece, “What Choice Do I Have?”

I’m afraid people don’t see God as Sovereign anymore…. too many people have gotten off the wrong path…. [People in] today’s world has made too many bad choices…. we all need to change before Jesus comes to reclaim the earth.  We need to become more like God and stop living like the evil one wants us to live. 

May God bless you.  Keep up the good work you are doing in Jesus name.

Faithful reader, Alexander


From: Ronald G.
Colorado DOC
Canon City, Colorado

Dear Christian Ambassadors,

I have a new address.  Thanks for all the newsletters and for sending them to me.  The one person that started [me] with [receiving] the Christian Ambassadors newsletters was Lois Wise.  I was happy to get them without asking [her for them].  Lois and Jim Wise have [since] passed away.  They lived on the same street I did.  My mom, Clara, passed away in June 2016, one month short of her 94th birthday. 

Thanks a lot, Ronald


From: William O.
California DOC
Tehachapi, California

Dear Sharon,

Thank you for your dedication on continuing to send [Christian] literature to me.  My faith is strong and is without question. 

I see a constant problem in prison, people preach a real strong message and turn around and not walk the talk.  So, I stand alone in my faith.
I live by my deeds and nothing else.

Will you please continue to send me your messages?  Thank you.

Your loyal friend, Willy