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Good News (from the 2nd Quarter 2019 Newsletter)



From: Dusty B.
Dade Correctional Institution
Florida City, Florida

Dear Sharon and Alan,

Greetings to you both in Christ our Savior.  This is a brief note to notify you of my address change.  I want to thank you both for your “selfless” devotion to all of us incarcerated, in that it’s a wonderful thing to have you both reaching out to the lost souls of societies condemned.  Your reward is great in heaven!

You both and your ministry is, and always will be in my daily prayers!

In Christ Jesus, Dusty


From: Ann R.
Frederick, Maryland

Dear Alan and Sharon,

Thanks for the “Spiritual Growth Lesson” and “My Brother’s Keeper” – as always, a pleasure to receive.  See the hearts around my letter?  I put them there, so that it would show you what my thoughts are when I read the comments from my brothers and sisters who are inmates all around the U.S.  I love reading their poems, thoughts, and concerns.  Please let them know how much joy they bring to my heart.

As I have said many times, each one of them represents my little brother who was in their position at one time.  He’s been with the Lord for 15 years now, and that is a reunion I’m so looking forward to.

As I read [Sharon’s] lesson about “Thou Art Worthy, O Lord”, it struck me as never before…one day and soon, we will all be together, gathered around the throne and singing praises to the One who has made us all one in Him.  No prison bars, no guards, no fear…just “joy unspeakable and full of glory”. 

Thank goodness we have an eternity to look forward to…it’s going to take that long for us to meet each other.  Imagine running into someone and saying, “I read your poem in ‘My Brother’s Keeper’, and it blessed me so much!”  Oh, how much we have to rejoice in.

Just wanted to send my thoughts your way.  Thanks so much for your faithfulness to those who are incarcerated.  I’m sure their words encourage you as they do me.

Be blessed! Annie


From: Clayton J.
Big Muddy River Correctional
Ina, Illinois

Dear Christian Ambassadors,

First and foremost, Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the only Savior.

I’d like to thank you for the gold mine of information “My Brother’s Keeper” and the “Spiritual Growth Lessons” have.  The depth of the messages has blessed many in Jesus’ name.  I pray His continued blessing on all your ministry does for the increase of God’s Kingdom.  Hallelujah!

I thank and praise God that He touched your ministry and know He will continue to do so; in that it’s far reaching. 

As I close, know you are all in my prayers, as is all you do in Jesus’ name.  Glory to God.

Your Brother in Christ, Clayton


From: Roger C.
Trinidad MR
Model, Colorado

Greetings Sharon,

May the Lord bless and establish all your good works.

I just wanted to say thank you for the simple, good messages you deliver.  Whenever I am done with them, I put them on the library shelf, and they get “snatched up” very quickly.  The questions at the end help the reader to digest the meaning of the message.

So, once again, I say thank you and keep up the good work.  God bless you.

In His Grace, Roger


From: Daniel P.
Kilby Correctional Facility
Mt. Meigs, Alabama

Dear Christian Ambassadors,

I pray all is well with you and yours.
As always, I enjoy receiving God’s messages to me through your ever-faithful ministry.

I pray for you and your ministry every morning.  Please let me know if there are any specific requests you need.

Thank you, Daniel