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Good News (from the 3rd Quarter 2017 Newsletter)




From: Bret S.
Indiana State Reformatory
Pendleton, Indiana

Dear Sharon & CA,

I hope this letter finds you in blessed health and knowing that my prayers are with you for the work you do in helping bring God’s Word to so many.

I just read a back issue of “My Brother’s Keeper” that another inmate passed along to me.  I must say, it brought me back in touch with our Lord Jesus Christ, as I’ve been slipping so to speak.  And that brings me to this letter to you and Christian Ambassadors.  I need to know what I need to do to be added to your active mailing list, so I can receive “My Brother’s Keeper” first hand.  I would greatly appreciate it and would be forever grateful.  May God bless you and keep you safe always.

Very truly yours, Bret


From: Michael C.
River North Correctional
Independence, Virginia

Dear Sharon,

I want to thank Jeffro, a brother of Christ, who first gave me your address.  And what a blessing CA has turned out to be!  I pray and read my Holy Bible each morning.  I have been incarcerated for over 24 years now.  I have not much longer left.

Thank you for your Christian love and faith in action.  Please pray for me and I will return you in my prayers to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, as well.

Thanks go out to all the brothers and sisters of God’s great family incarcerated, and on the outside of these fences as well.  Thank you, Sister Sharon Griffee. 

Yours truly, Michael


From: Robert H.
Arrowhead Correctional
Canon City, Colorado

Dear Christian Ambassadors,

Hello there.  My name is Robert and I am fortunate enough and blessed to be one of the very many people that you happen to have on your mailing list.

Your quarterly letters, messages, word studies, etc., have been sent and received by myself for years now.  Each one has taught me at least one thing I didn’t know, fully understand or comprehend, about our Lord and Savior.  And even about what is written in His Word.  They have helped me out so much so, that I can’t even put it into words fully.

All I can say is, “Thank you Lord, and brothers and sisters at Christian Ambassadors, for everything you’ve done, are doing, and will continue doing for us prisoners who are also in Christ.”  I also want to say thanks to my friend, Joe.  For if it wasn’t for him, I never would have been asked to be placed on your mailing list, in the first place.

So, I would like to pay it forward, by asking you brothers and sisters, to add another lucky name to your mailing list.

Thank you guys!  May God continue blessing you and your ministry.  And continue to work through you and the letters you send out.

Sincerely, Robert


From: Lawrence M.
River North Correctional
Independence, Virginia

Dear Sister Sharon,

Peace be with you.  I send these words by faith, with the hope they find you in good health and in all things giving thanks.

A friend in here shared your info with me, and I decided to write to encourage you and let you know you are doing a remarkable job, and makes Jesus smile.

Hebrews 13:3 says, “Remember those in prison as if bound with them,” and you do that.  Too often a prisoner is silenced by the loneliness of incarceration, out of sight, out of mind.  But you have given them a platform, to share their testimonies of what God has done on this side of the barbed wire, to show that even in prison, we can still be free!

Me, I’m just a nobody, trying to tell everybody, about somebody who can save anybody.  Raised in a New York orphanage, highly involved in crime and gangs, I’ve done over 36 years in prisons from New York to California.  Now with 20 years in, I’m on a 3-strikes life sentence.  But I’m serving Jesus, not “time”, by grace, and if I have to go to Heaven from prison, then so be it, because I know that soon I will trade in this number for a crown.

I hold cellblock Bible studies, give the sermon once a month at our church service, have cried with the suicidal, and walked up to killers and told them about Jesus.  I have never been afraid to die in prison.  I just don’t want to be forgotten.  I get to go up for parole each year, because I’m over 60 with a terminal illness, but I know it’s up to God, and I trust Him.

Stay strong in faith, and remember, there is power in praising the name of Jesus!  God bless you.

Still, Lawrence


From: Daniel J.
Elmira Correctional
Elmira, New York

Dear Christian Ambassadors,

I remember the exact moment in 1986 when those 12 people announced their verdict.  When I think about it, the pain is a bright explosion of colors in my mind…the weight of loneliness so terrible I wished for immediate death.

The despair enveloped me in an early morning fog, and my mind and body felt like it was about to shut down.  I was in pure agony.  I searched for courage to go on, and in some way stay strong, but I couldn’t find it.  Off to prison I went, working day and night on my legal appeals, each step taken and all to no avail.

After work one day, I came back to my cell to find a letter on my cell door.  It was from the former secretary of the First Baptist Church in Brewster, New York, Ms. Patricia.  I can still remember her message in that letter.

‘Remember Dan, whatever you’ve suffered, no matter how bad it’s been you can still use it to be a stronger person.  And remember this always, nothing is as precious to us as the magnificent gift of life.  If you would have life, then fight for it.  Spend time in your Bible, for that’s a key way to learn who God is as a person.  Spending your time wisely goes toward loving God, yourself, and your neighbor as yourself.’

Some years later sister Patricia sent her own sister, Ms. Roberta into my life, always faithful to me over the years, with uplifting in the Lord’s Word.

Yet, I know in my heart that the curious thing about friendship with these two sisters, is that it draws me deeper into God’s friendship, along with the other people around me with their ministries.  May our Lord bless them all! 

Thank you very much for all your correspondence [ministry].  God Bless you.

Sincerely, Daniel


From: Michael P.
TDCJ, Estelle Unit
Huntsville, Texas

Dear Christian Ambassadors,

Praise God, Praise God!  I am free!  I’m still in prison, but I’m free; no more fear, no more hate, no more anger, no more guilt.  I have recently dedicated by life to Jesus Christ and given myself into the hands of his Holy Spirit that I might stand where few others do.

My neighbors and fellow prisoners are witches and devil worshippers; people who claim to hate God, and those who refuse to admit he even exists. I have been beaten and raped by some of these same men.

But, Jesus saved me one night as I prayed to die.  He said, “Yes! Die to sin and live for me.”  He loves me after all I’ve done?  No!  He loved me and forgave me before I was even born.  How could I not forgive?  Plus he gave me a new heart, a heart to love them.  He opened my eyes so that I could see that they are as lost and alone as I was before that night.

The Holy Spirit moved in right away.  I am joyously full of his love and peace.  He is my teacher and I humbly allow Him to speak through me.  He said to reach out to you.  I know that you will pray for me.

Bless you, Michael


From: Alexander G.
TDCJ, Gib Lewis Unit
Woodville, Texas

Dear Sharon,

Hi, how are you doing? As always, I hope and pray this letter finds you and Alan in very good health in Jesus’ name.  The same goes with everyone at Christian Ambassadors, Inc.

Just writing to thank you for sending me, “My Brother’s Keeper”, Volume 22, Number 2, Second Quarter, 2017 issue. 

In “Growing on the Word”, a scripture study, is said, “The Word of God is the source of light, truth and power, for those who seek its meaning and apply it to their life.  Jesus Christ is the Word made flesh, and we seek to follow Him.”

Believing, that’s the key to everything in the Kingdom of God.  It’s the way we tap into the very power of almighty God.  Most all of us know that, but few of us are sure exactly how to do that kind of believing.  But praise God, if you are a believer you have something you can depend on, the unchanging Word of God!

One who practices the Word of God strives to live an unspotted life.  God has provided a clean path over which we should walk.  But the muddy ditch of the world is on either side and we must not fall into it. 

Thank you once again for sending me, “My Brother’s Keeper”.  May God bless everyone at Christian Ambassadors.  Keep up the good work you are doing in Jesus’ name. 

Faithful reader, Alexander