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Spiritual Growth Lessons

  By Sharon K. Griffee

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Lesson 80: “Take Care How You Treat Others”

Lesson 79: “The Cross, Resurrection and New Life”

Lesson 78: “Jesus, the Long-awaited Messiah”

Lesson 77: “Recidivism - A Revolving Door”

Lesson 76: “The Call to Obedience”

Lesson 75: “Christ's Sacrifice”

Lesson 74: “Check Your Spirit”

Lesson 73: “Don't Quarrel Along the Way”

Lesson 72: “A New Mindset”

Lesson 71: “Sin Shall Not Have Dominion”

Lesson 70: “A Child is Born - A Son is Given”

Lesson 69: “Pursue Peace”

Lesson 68: “Facing Persecution”

Lesson 67: “Honor God With Your Bodies”

Lesson 66: “Storms of Life”

Lesson 65: “The Condition of the Heart”

Lesson 64: “Be Faithful and True to Jesus”

Lesson 63: “Build up Your Most High Faith”

Lesson 62: “Offenses”

Lesson 61: “Fleshly Lust, Achan's Downfall”

Lesson 60: “Fearing God; the Starting Point”

Lesson 59: “The Natural Man, An Enemy of God”

Lesson 58: “Consider the Soil”

Lesson 57: “Worthy is the Lamb”

Lesson 56: “Freed by Forgiveness”

Lesson 55: “Grace and Truth Came by Jesus Christ”

Lesson 54: “From Hopeless Effort, To Expectant Faith”

Lesson 53: “The Great Exchange"

Lesson 52: “Search The Scriptures And Come to Christ"

Lesson 51: “Share in Christ's Suffering, Share in Christ's Glory"

Lesson 50: “The Path that Leads to Life"

Lesson 49: “Jesus - The Only Foundation For Spiritual Life"

Lesson 48: “You Must Be Born From Above"

Lesson 47: “The Gospel of Second Chances"

Lesson 46: “Temptation - Its Real Source"

Lesson 45: “Partnership - God's Part and Our Part"

Lesson 44: “God is not Holding People Hostage to His Will"

Lesson 43: “Obedience - Outgrowth of Our Love for Jesus"

Lesson 42: “Recidivism - Recycling the Curse"

Lesson 41: “Prayer - Living In Intimate Fellowship With God"

Lesson 40: “Our Destiny - To Be Like Jesus"

Lesson 39: “Conviction, Not Condemnation"

Lesson 38: “Where Shall Wisdom Be Found?"

Lesson 37: “Repentance – Our Return To God"

Lesson 36: “Fear the One Who Hates Evil"

Lesson 35: “The Wondrous Things God Has Done"

Lesson 34: “Dry Bones, Rise Up And Live"

Lesson 33: “The Call to Unity in the Body of Christ"

Lesson 32: “What About the Tares?"

Lesson 31: “Spiritual Gifts, Their Real Purpose"

Lesson 30: “The Cure for Backsliding"

Lesson 29: “As For You, Follow Me"

Lesson 28: “Creation Waits Expectantly for God's Children"

Lesson 27: “Jesus Came to Bring Life, Not Condemnation!"

Lesson 26: “Leave Your Life Of Sin (Bondage)”

Lesson 25: “Penetrating the Wall of Grace"

Lesson 24: “God’s Kingdom, Not Problem Centered - But Christ Centered”

Lesson 23: “Vessels of Honor, Fit for the Master's Use”

Lesson 22: “Aim for Perfection”

Lesson 21: “Finding Acceptance With God”

Lesson 20: “Strive to Enter at the Strait Gate

Lesson 19: "Take Up Your Cross Daily"

Lesson 18: "Counting the Cost, Part 2"

Lesson 17: "Counting the Cost, Part 1"

Lesson 16: "God In Christ, Reconciling the World"

Lesson 15: "Testing Your Faith, Part 3"

Lesson 14: "Testing Your Faith, Part 2"

Lesson 13: "Testing Your Faith, Part 1"

Lesson 12: "Love - The Fulfillment of the Law"

Lesson 11: "Learning to Judge Righteously"

Lesson 10: "Seek First the Kingdom of God"

Lesson 09: "Follow Jesus - the One the Scriptures Speak About"

Lesson 08: "Prepare the Way for the Lord"

Lesson 07: "Living On Every Word From God"

Lesson 06: "Do You Want To Get Well?"

Lesson 05: "The Law of the Spirit of Life"

Lesson 04: "Putting Our Trust in the Light"

Lesson 03: "Capturing Every Thought For Christ"

Lesson 02: "Eternal Living Water"

Lesson 01: "Choosing the Best"