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Spiritual Growth Lessons


The following “Spiritual Growth Lessons” were mailed to the prison inmates on our USA mailing list over the past 20+ years.  Many inmates have testified over the years that they have been a blessing to them, both individually and in group studies.  We include them here, in PDF format, so you can freely reproduce them for your own studies, study groups, or to be given to others who could be ministered to by them.

Matthew 10:8 (NIV) – “Freely you have received; freely give.” 


Lesson 01: "Choosing the Best"

Lesson 02: "Eternal Living Water"

Lesson 03: "Capturing Every Thought For Christ"

Lesson 04: "Putting Our Trust in the Light"

Lesson 05: "The Law of the Spirit of Life"

Lesson 06: "Do You Want To Get Well?"

Lesson 07: "Living On Every Word From God"

Lesson 08: "Prepare the Way for the Lord"

Lesson 09: "Follow Jesus - the One the Scriptures Speak About"

Lesson 10: "Seek First the Kingdom of God"

Lesson 11: "Learning to Judge Righteously"

Lesson 12: "Love - The Fulfillment of the Law"

Lesson 13: "Testing Your Faith, Part 1"

Lesson 14: "Testing Your Faith, Part 2"

Lesson 15: "Testing Your Faith, Part 3"

Lesson 16: "God In Christ, Reconciling the World"

Lesson 17: "Counting the Cost, Part 1"

Lesson 18: "Counting the Cost, Part 2"

Lesson 19: "Take Up Your Cross Daily"

Lesson 20: “Strive to Enter at the Strait Gate

Lesson 21: “Finding Acceptance With God”

Lesson 22: “Aim for Perfection”

Lesson 23: “Vessels of Honor, Fit for the Master's Use”

Lesson 24: “God’s Kingdom, Not Problem Centered - But Christ Centered”

Lesson 25: “Penetrating the Wall of Grace"

Lesson 26: “Leave Your Life Of Sin (Bondage)”

Lesson 27: “Jesus Came to Bring Life, Not Condemnation!"

Lesson 28: “Creation Waits Expectantly for God's Children"

Lesson 29: “As For You, Follow Me"

Lesson 30: “The Cure for Backsliding"

Lesson 31: “Spiritual Gifts, Their Real Purpose"

Lesson 32: “What About the Tares?"

Lesson 33: “The Call to Unity in the Body of Christ"

Lesson 34: “Dry Bones, Rise Up And Live"

Lesson 35: “The Wondrous Things God Has Done"

Lesson 36: “Fear the One Who Hates Evil"

Lesson 37: “Repentance – Our Return To God"

Lesson 38: “Where Shall Wisdom Be Found?"

Lesson 39: “Conviction, Not Condemnation"

Lesson 40: “Our Destiny - To Be Like Jesus"

Lesson 41: “Prayer - Living In Intimate Fellowship With God"

Lesson 42: “Recidivism - Recycling the Curse"

Lesson 43: “Obedience - Outgrowth of Our Love for Jesus"

Lesson 44: “God is not Holding People Hostage to His Will"

Lesson 45: “Partnership - God's Part and Our Part"

Lesson 46: “Temptation - Its Real Source"

Lesson 47: “The Gospel of Second Chances"

Lesson 48: “You Must Be Born From Above"

Lesson 49: “Jesus - The Only Foundation For Spiritual Life"

Lesson 50: “The Path that Leads to Life"

Lesson 51: “Share in Christ's Suffering, Share in Christ's Glory"

Lesson 52: “Search The Scriptures And Come to Christ"

Lesson 53: “The Great Exchange"

Lesson 54: “From Hopeless Effort, To Expectant Faith”

Lesson 55: “Grace and Truth Came by Jesus Christ”

Lesson 56: “Freed by Forgiveness”

Lesson 57: “Worthy is the Lamb”

Lesson 58: “Consider the Soil”

Lesson 59: “The Natural Man, An Enemy of God”

Lesson 60: “Fearing God; the Starting Point”

Lesson 61: “Fleshly Lust, Achan's Downfall”

Lesson 62: “Offenses”

Lesson 63: “Build up Your Most High Faith”

Lesson 64: “Be Faithful and True to Jesus”

Lesson 65: “The Condition of the Heart”

Lesson 66: “Storms of Life”

Lesson 67: “Honor God With Your Bodies”

Lesson 68: “Facing Persecution”

Lesson 69: “Pursue Peace”

Lesson 70: “A Child is Born - A Son is Given”

Lesson 71: “Sin Shall Not Have Dominion”

Lesson 72: “A New Mindset”

Lesson 73: “Don't Quarrel Along the Way”

Lesson 74: “Check Your Spirit”

Lesson 75: “Christ's Sacrifice”

Lesson 76: “The Call to Obedience”

Lesson 77: “Recidivism - A Revolving Door”

Lesson 78: “Jesus, the Long-awaited Messiah”

Lesson 79: “The Cross, Resurrection and New Life”

Lesson 80: “Take Care How You Treat Others”

Lesson 81: “Perfection - Who Can Attain It?”

Lesson 82: “Thou Art Worthy, O Lord”

Lesson 83: “The Cross - Not to be Ignored”