October, 2017


From: Sharon K. Griffee, CA President

To: CA Board Members

Subject: President’s Annual Report


Dear Members of the Board,

Time as we know it, is quickly passing by, which causes me – with humility, to pause and give thanks to God for His daily inspiration and commitment to the ongoing ministry of Christian Ambassador’s.  One of the key messages that God continues to emphasize through CA’s “Spiritual Growth” ministry, is that “God is light, and in Him is no darkness at all”.  (I John 1:5) 

Inmates may be locked away from society, but they are not forgotten by God.  The heartfelt testimonies of prison inmates who have found God’s light, even in the darkness of prison, are invaluable.  This includes those on the outside of prison walls, who sincerely seek a close relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  The following testimony from Ann, the sister of a former prison inmate, makes that point very clear.  She said in a recent letter,

How I praise God for Christian Ambassadors.  I love reading the stories of inmate victories over the difficulties they face each day where they are – they challenge me to keep up the good fight [of faith].  Isn’t God amazing?  He makes us “more than conquerors” no matter where we are and what we are going through.

Ann also shared her thoughts on my September, Spiritual Growth Lesson, “Recidivism – A Revolving Door”.  Referring to a sub-heading from the lesson, she wrote,      

I wanted to comment on Sharon’s recent Spiritual Growth Lesson – “The Curse Cycle Begins”.  I have thought of this many times, but in this manner – did Eve immediately get Adam and take a bite of that forbidden fruit?  I doubt it.  Satan doesn’t work that way, though the Bible makes it seem like it was one conversation and they sinned.  His methods are more subtle.  He likes to plant the seed of doubt in our minds and let it play out.  Sin is usually a series of backward steps until…Bam…we have done the forbidden.  Your lesson was another reminder to be aware of Satan’s tactics and my ongoing warfare against them.

 Jesus did indeed set an example – “Get away from me Satan!”  Our minds prey on us and we must claim the power of the Holy Spirit and Christ’s blood to gain victory, so unlike Adam and Eve, we can be victorious and not take those little steps away from our Father and Savior.  And believe me; we know when we are doing that…am I right?  Yes!  So, thanks for such a great lesson and how to overcome.  Be blessed. 

We have received a lot of positive feedback from inmates, regarding the importance of the “Spiritual Growth” ministry we offer to them, while they are in prison.  Many have expressed a renewed sense of hope, upon their release from prison.  Rickey, an inmate paroling to California later this month, wrote the following testimony,

I remember when I first wrote to you eight months ago, and I can’t believe how the time has passed.  But now I can show society what Jesus has done for me and how much He has changed me.  Even though I’ll be homeless, I’ll have my freedom, and I can face each day with hope and faith.  I can get up every morning and apply myself, no matter how Satan may try to tempt and influence me, because of my circumstances. 

I’ve made up my mind that I am not going to turn away from Christ and I’m not going to come back to prison.  Now that I have a better understanding of the Word [of God] I can get out and do God’s will, not mine.  I’m ready this time…ready to be dedicated to Christ.

Rickey’s desire to dedicate his life to Jesus, confirms the challenge brought by the Apostle John,

I John 1:7 (NKJV) – “If we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin.”

The fellowship of other Christian believers is critical to the prison inmate’s spiritual growth.  That is where the “Good News” Section of “My Brother’s Keeper” plays a vital role.  Lawrence, a prison inmate, showed his appreciation in the following letter,

When Jesus said, “I was in prison, and you came to see me”, (Matthew 25:36), what you do is exactly what He meant.  By giving prisoners the opportunity to share and thank you, you not only “visit” us, but we can visit each other and fulfill that scripture.  God bless you and all involved with your anointed ministry.

We are blessed that prison inmates who receive our lessons and newsletters on a regular basis, continue to share our Christian material with other inmates in their prison facility.  Some inmates are using the lessons for further discussion with other inmates, in small group settings.  Our name continues to be on many church and prison ministry resource lists.  We are thankful the word is getting out about CA, and inmates and their families are receiving ministry.

In closing, I submit this report in good faith, requesting your continued prayers for the “Spiritual Growth” ministry we offer to prison inmates.  We at Christian Ambassadors remain committed to reaching the lost with the love of Jesus Christ.  We pray daily that a new life in Christ will become a reality for prisoners who sincerely desire a transformed life.  God Bless you.


In Christ’s Love,

Sharon K. Griffee,

CA President