October, 2016


From: Sharon K. Griffee, CA President

To: CA Board Members

Subject: President’s Annual Report


Dear Members of the Board,

It is truly a joy to share with you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  It is that time of year again when our fiscal year draws to a close.  Looking back, we have much to be thankful for as we take a closer look at the ministry we offered to inmates incarcerated in jails and prisons throughout the United States.  It is a given that some inmates seek only material things when writing to prison ministries (rarely mentioning Jesus).  We at CA are encouraged, however, by inmates who write seeking radical change in their lives.  We are blessed beyond measure, because of the numerous testimonies we received throughout the year, from inmates who humbly and sincerely repented of the crimes they committed, and now seek a close, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  The following testimony demonstrates the daily struggles inmates incur, and their need for the encouraging teachings we offer through the Spiritual Growth ministry of CA. 

James, an inmate from a Connecticut prison writes,

I am one who loves the Lord and have been a faithful follower for eleven and a half years now.   But, during the last year I’ve experienced such heart ache, starting with the loss of my mom.  I started having health issues and court matters that grew frustrating.  At that point I can honestly say I started looking at my mountains.

I was sitting in the day room talking to one of the brothers concerning a matter he was dealing with, and this “My Brother’s Keeper” pamphlet was on the table (Vol. 21, Number 3, Third Quarter, 2016).  As we were talking, without picking it up, I’m looking at the “Word Study”, really not thinking much on it.  Then as we were finishing and starting to pray, the caption right under that hits me, “God Turns Trials into Blessings” by Sharon K. Griffee.

I asked those around me, if the pamphlet belonged to anyone, so I started reading it and was blessed, strengthened, and renewed, and I would like to be added to the distribution list.  Thank you so much for the wonderful writings.  I was truly blessed.  James

I am pleased to say that the prison inmates on our CA distribution list do much to support the ministry of Christian Ambassadors, throughout the year.  They not only read and study the Christian material we send to them, but they faithfully share the spiritual growth lessons and newsletters with other inmates, who they believe might be receptive to the ministry we offer.

Praise God!  Inmates, who share with fellow prisoners by way of “word of mouth”, have become effective witnesses in spreading the gospel message of Jesus Christ to those behind bars.

Andrew, an inmate from a California prison writes,

Blessings!  I write with interest in your ministry.  Me being a child of God, I would like to become wiser in God’s Word.  There is no better gift, than the gift of salvation and the inheritance and adoption into the family of God.

My friend passed on a [Spiritual Growth] Lesson from your ministry titled “Pursue Peace” [by Sharon K. Griffee, Sept. 2015].  I loved it!  It taught me through tough times, even if we aren’t the ones who start it, we must come at the problem with peace, sharing the love God gave us to others.

That is why I am writing, be­cause even in my tough times of being incarcerated, away from family and being scared for my life, not knowing what God has in [store] for my future; I’m coming to His pres­ence with peace and a contrite spirit.  If possible, please re­spond with information about your ministry.  Thank you so much, Andrew

This past year we have been abundantly blessed by God, who sent CA faithful, financial supporters, who appreciate and therefore back the quality Christ-centered ministry we offer to the incarcerated.  We are indeed blessed, because among our faithful supporters are former inmates, as well as members of their family.

In closing, I submit this report in good faith, requesting your continued prayers for the Spiritual Growth Ministry we offer to prison inmates.  We at Christian Ambassadors remain committed to reaching the lost with the love of Jesus Christ.  We pray daily that a new life in Christ will become a reality for prisoners who sincerely desire a transformed life.  God Bless you.


In Christ’s Love,

Sharon K. Griffee,
CA President