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Request for Inmate Ministry


Do you have a friend or relative in prison, perhaps a member of your church or a friend at work has a son or daughter who is in prison?  Because we use the US mail to offer spiritual growth ministry, we can provide Christian ministry anywhere in the country.  This is a blessing for inmate family and friends, because prison inmates are often located too far away to visit regularly.

You can request ministry for an inmate by E-mailing us at:


Please provide their complete name and address, with inmate number.

We will send the inmate an introductory package, including: a cover letter and brochure about Christian Ambassadors, a recent “My Brother’s Keeper” newsletter, and a recent Spiritual Growth Letter/Lesson.  Our ministry is offered free to the inmate, with no obligation on their part to join a church or religious organization.  Christian Ambassadors is a non-membership Christian ministry that was incorporated in the state of Colorado in October 1995 as a non-profit Christian ministry.