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Request for Inmate Ministry


Do you have a friend or relative in prison, perhaps a member of your church is incarcerated, or maybe a friend at work has a son or daughter who is in prison?

The ministry to prison inmates is offered with no obligation on their part to join a particular church or religious organization.  Christian Ambassadors is a non-membership Christian ministry that receives its funding from individuals like you.  Christian Ambassadors was incorporated in the state of Colorado, USA in October 1995 as a non-profit Christian ministry, and granted 501 (c) (3) tax exemption by the USA Internal Revenue Service.

Please help us share the gospel of Jesus Christ with prison inmates.  Because we use the US mail to offer spiritual growth ministry (lessons and newsletters) to inmates, we are able to reach out across the miles to inmates, anywhere in the country.  This is a blessing for inmate ministry, because often prison inmates are located too far away for family and friends to visit.

To Provide us with the name and address of an inmate, please E-mail us at:

We will send that inmate an introductory brochure about the ministry, with a sample newsletter and spiritual growth lesson, with an invitation to request being added to our mailing list.  To avoid sending unwanted material to people, and to keep our mailing costs to a reasonable level, we only add names to our mailing list when they personally ask us to do so.

For only $12 in printing and mailing costs, we are able to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to one inmate through spiritual growth lessons and inspirational newsletters for a full year.  We do not charge the inmates for the ministry we share with them, and we donate our time and personal resources to keep costs to a minimum.  Your commitment to partner with us in ministry through monthly donations, or your one time donation, goes directly to ministry printing and mailing costs.

To Contribute to the ministry, please print the following form and mail it to us at Christian Ambassadors. The ministry does not subscribe to the major credit card services, nor do we use any of the on-line payment methods. In addition to checks or money orders, we welcome 1st Class Forever Postage Stamps, as we use a large number of 1st class stamps in mailing material to the inmates (improves address correction for frequent inmate moves).  You will be receipted for your contributions.

Note: This form is in the Adobe PDF format and may take a minute to display.

Contribute and/or Submit an Inmate's Name

If you do not have the Adobe PDF Reader, you can download it free to your computer at: